The Importance Of A ‘Human’ Business Phone Answering Service.

Every small company out there should have a business phone answering service.

The reason this is so important is because no one can answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless they have a staff that works around the clock. This is very unlikely with small businesses as they just can not afford to pay someone for all of those hours. The hours that normally are not very busy. Most small businesses use old styled answering machines, or voicemail. Even the business phone answering systems still are not a live person that a customer can speak to.The problem with voicemail is that too many people hang up on them. No one really likes leaving a recorded message. They want a real live person and will call different places until they reach one. Small Business Phone Answering ServiceYou want to be the place they call and get a live human being. The way to do that is with a business phone answering service. This will give you the leg up on the competition that you need. This will set you apart. You can have a live person answering the phone for you regardless of whether it is two a.m. or the middle of the day on a Sunday.This is also a cheaper alternative to having someone answer your phone for you in your office. By using a business phone answering service you are only going to have to pay per call. This means if you only get one call overnight then you pay for that call and that is it. You didn’t have to pay someone to sit there for eight hours waiting on that one phone call. Imagine the huge savings right there!As a small business you need to save money where you can. This means not paying someone to sit around waiting on calls. However, you also want to make as much as you can. That means not missing any more calls from potential customers. By using a small business answering service you will not miss any calls due to voicemail box hangups. You will even get more business thanks to the people calling around to find a human. When you use a business phone answering service you save money and make more money simultaneously. This is a win win situation all around.