We take our Telephone Answering Service Personal, quite literally.

All our Receptionist are local Australians from all walks of life.

Meet Aj

Aj  A.j is a stay at home mum with a work history in Logistics, finance and Retail.

Currently Aj Running 2 campaigns & is answering between 25-50 calls a day.

She has great product knowledge in both industries & loves the flexibility and lifestyle she gets from working with BPA.

” We match the right receptionist with the right client, then we calculate the avg phone calls per day & average phone call length to determine a fair weekly cost.”


Meet Mark


Mark is an online entrepreneur with a back ground in Construction and Management.

He works from home running his online biz whilst working for BPA 9-5 Mon-Fri as the sales representative for 2 clients.  Mark gets glowing reviews as he is down to earth and knows how to get the right information out of each phone call.


” Would you prefer a Male to answer your Trade or Construction phone calls? If your industry is a male dominated industry then we can match the right man for your job.” 


How are pricing structure works:

Firstly, we chat to you about your business and whether you need a straight answering and call forwarding service. Or whether you need someone with product knowledge and sales abilities to convert your calls.

Secondly, we ask you about how many calls you receive a day and on average how long those conversations go for.

After we know your business and your expectations we will quote you on a Per week basis.

Our Minimum Spend is $50p.w.

Need a full time sales consultant the can reply to emails as well?

We offer a more personal package then other companies. You will know your designated receptionist, and you will build a relationship with them. Over time they will become quite knowledgeable in your industry and will save you the hassle of tire kickers and Marketing companies wasting your time.

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