A Live Phone Answering Service Gives Potential Customers A Great First Impression.

When you run a business whether it be big or small, you must answer your telephone. You will likely have customers call you wanting your service or to order your product. If you don’t answer your phone when it rings then you will be losing money. However, if you have to pay someone to sit in an office answering your phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it will cost you quite a bit. This will likely not be worth it if you only get a couple calls during off hours. A better idea is to use a live phone answering service.Live Phone Answering ServiceWhen you use a live phone answering service, you are guaranteed that someone will answer your phone. During off hours, or even all hours, the answering service will take your calls for you. The person calling in will not even know they have reached an answering service. They will think they have reached your office. This is similar to having a virtual secretary. The person that answers the phone will be fully trained to take your calls for you.Using a live phone answering service for your calls will allow a professional worker right here in the United States to take your call. That’s right, your calls will not be sent overseas. They will not be answered by people with thick accents that your customers can not understand. Your calls will be answered by a live answering service staffed with people who speak English. This is something that will keep many customers for a very long time. People like calling a company and knowing that they will be able to understand the person that answers the phone.A live answering service for small business is a great way to have your phone answered. It won’t go to voicemail, an answering machine, or be left unanswered. Someone will always answer the phone in a professional and kind manner. This will keep your customers happy and keep them coming back for years. A small business is all about customer service and when you use a live phone answering service, you are guaranteeing your clients and potential clients fantastic customer service and a great first impression.