Welcome to BPA.

Our Phone Answering Services are totally dedicated for providing answering and customer care services to the business enterprises and all size ventures.

Modern technologies have made communication easier and affordable with times. Still if a lot of people are calling at the same number things become difficult to handle. That’s the case with answering services of many companies these days. If it’s getting difficult for you to hold on with the answering services along with core demands of company outsource them.

In every business may it be related to medical field, service providers, contractors, funeral homes or hospitality industry answering services have become a prerequisite? It helps you stay connected to your customers throughout the day, month and year. Confused why I write throughout? Yes throughout because we at Cape COD Answering Services take no break at all. We make sure that none of our client’s customers gets missed or remains uncared for. Our call centre software’s are standard and automated. These facilitate evaluation of self performance, customer responses and monitoring rest of client management, a few factors that help us to be more efficient each day.

We are available all the time for your customers. We realize that their fulfillment ultimately means your satisfaction. The operators are trained and afterwards supervised by the experts for a long time. That’s how we have reached this efficiency. 24/7 uninterrupted answering services is no way an easy task to perform. But for us it’s our job and matter of discretion for our company.

In a business risk taking factor sometimes pays huge.

Don’t be afraid of outsourcing answering services as it’s bound to add up to your existing success. You can take our trial pack offer for which you have to pay a very little amount. Practically speaking you’ll get rid of one big responsibility. Now you can concentrate all your care towards rest of the business activities. At the end of the day it’s a cost efficient way of managing rather creating better and healthier relations with your customers.

At BPA Answering Services we carry out the following:

  • Call recording services
  • Multipurpose Help desk support
  • Receiving phone orders for products
  • Scheduling appointments and seminars
  • Providing Transferring call services
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Marketing activities/products of a company
  • Answering client’s customers for all sorts of services.

And the list can go on.

For all the above services you can count on us. We endeavor to give better than what you expect.