Local Business Phone Answering Service Australia

The best call to action conversion system of all is a live business phone answering service. Your callers are greeted by a real person with some knowledge of your business and your call can be routed properly. With such a service you have the choice of paying for service during working hours only and then switching to an answering machine after hours, or using a 24 hour service call center. The virtual receptionist  answering the call may actually be in their own homes and thanks to the wonder of computerized switching, the caller would never know they weren’t talking to someone in your office. A live phone answering service can be less expensive than hiring staff dedicated to the phone.

You can be provided with an 1800 number and calls to your business may go to a call center to be answered by a receptionist who can take a message or refer the caller to voicemail to be recorded and held.

How do you answer calls in my company name?

We provide you with a number to divert your calls to. When someone calls this number, your company name, company information and call handling instructions appear on your receptionist’s screen.

When do you send messages to me?

Your messages are sent at the time of the call and not at the end of the day.

How long does it take for my receptionist to answer my calls?

All calls are answered within 10 seconds or 4 rings.

What information is included in my telephone messages?

Your messages include 5 pieces of information: who the message is for, the caller’s name, company name, telephone number and a note of what the call is regarding.

How many different receptionists will be answering my calls?

You will have two designated receptionists. They will get to know you, your staff, your business and your clients.

If there are only two receptionists, will there be an engaged tone if i receive 3 or more calls at one time?

No. There will never be an engaged tone. All calls will be answered within 10 seconds. If both receptionists are busy, a small back up team will be ready to answer your calls in exactly the same way.

How long does it take to set up the service?

All call answering and additional services can be set up within 24 hours.

Do I need to commit to a long term contract?

The minimum initial contract period is 3 months. Thereafter, your contract reverts to month-to-month.

What happens after hours?

If we continue to receive your calls after 5.30pm, the calls will be sent to your voicemail box. The caller will hear a greeting recorded by your receptionist in your company name. You have the choice of your receptionist checking your voicemail box each morning and forwarding messages to you by email, or you can access and manage your voicemail box remotely.

Alternatively, we can divert calls after hours to a telephone number of your choice.

How much does it cost to transfer calls to me?

The portion of the call from your receptionist to you is charged at BT Standard Rates.

How do I divert calls to BPA Telephone Answering?

By simply using standard BT features on your telephone handset or features within your telephone system. We will be on hand to guide you through this simple process.

Can I divert more than one telephone number to BPA Telephone Answering?

Yes. You can divert as many numbers or locations as you wish to us.

Where is my receptionist based?

Our offices are in Melbourne. You are more than welcome to drop in and meet your receptionists at any time.

Is there a set up charge?

No there is no set up charge or any other hidden charges.